Meet Freddy And Zero

Raise your expectations

Freddy blast chills and shock freezes food so it stays perfectly fresh. Freddy’s companion, Zero, vacuum seals food to keep it even fresher and longer. With Freddy and Zero, you can blast chill and vacuum seal food to keep it fresh for 14 days in the refrigerator. Or, you can shock freeze and vacuum pack food to keep it fresh for 8-10 months in the freezer.

Your new best friends

Freddy and Zero are the dynamic duo you never knew you needed. Freddy blast freezes and low temp cooks. Zero achieves 99.99% percent vacuum to keep the fresh longer. 

A host of new features

Maintain foods at the perfect temperatures, proof pastry dough, and flash freeze with Freddy.  Vacuum seal bags or solid containers with Zero.

Fresher longer

The quicker the freeze, the longer the freshness stays. Freddy flash freezes and blast chills to ensure foods stay properly hydrated. Zero vacuum seals packages and containers to nearly an absolute vacuum seal to keep freshness up to 10 months. 

Meet Freddy

America's first domestic blast freezer

Meet Zero

Achieving 99.99% Vacuum for keeping the fresh longer